Airport Security Addendum


Several days after the airport security breach, WW phoned her son long distance and in the course of the conversation, the following came out. Just as the security guard could not see WW when she was in the secure area, but could see her in the non-security area, so her son could not see WW in the non-secure area but could see her in the secure area. Once WW went to the secure area, she watched her son as he went through the security check including taking off his shoes and a last long look back before he proceeded down the hall to his flight. WW watched all this, however her son could not see her and he thought that she had already departed.

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A new worry for airport security


This is a true story! A Southern California friend, lets call her WW, had enjoyed a recent visit from her son who lived overseas. On his departure day at LAX, they checked in his luggage and then they approached the security check zone where only passengers can enter. WW wanted very badly to spend a last five minutes with her son. The woman security guard at the manned security point and WW exchanged a long look with their eyes and then the guard made no effort to stop WW as she passed the check point with her son. They then joined the line where the passengers and their hand luggage were scanned by a security machine. After about ten minutes of the line slowly advancing, a Security Supervisor came through. She was a slender, tough-looking black woman with blond hair. She noticed that WW had no hand luggage and she suspiciously approached her and asked “Are you boarding the plane?’ “No“. What are you doing here? WW answered, “I’m seeing off my son”.”You can not be here. You have to leave now!” “I’m sorry, I am going”. “You can watch him from over there,” the supervisor said as she pointed. She watched as WW returned, almost to the non-secure area. WW was staring intently at her son from her vantage point, which was very close to the female security person that had allowed WW to enter the secure area.

After some minutes, the supervisor again approached WW and told her to move further back, behind the black line, some three feet further over. WW complied and at that point, the woman that had allowed WW to enter, recognized her and nodded to her. The supervisor then approached this woman and questioned why she let WW through. Then embarrassed security guard could only answer, “I didn’t see her. I don’t know how she got through here. Anyway, I didn’t see her in the secure area, are you sure she got in there?” It was obvious that she could only see WW when WW was in the non-secure area.

WW felt bad for the woman, however she was glad that she got that extra time with her son. God knows when she would see him again. Why didn’t the security guard see WW, when she passed into the secure zone. Hypnosis, fourth dimension, parallel universe, smoke and mirrors, who knows, WW isn’t talking. Anyway, WW got her wish and another question about airport security raises its head.

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Occupy Ventura is open for business.

Occupy Ventura came into existence last night. They are at the old city hall on Poli Street, go on down there and head for the parking lot in back. The tents and headquarters on on the elevated parking lot, nice view. Take a sleeping bag and live there or just go in the day time and wave a sign for a while.  Involvement in this will make you feel better about yourself than anything else you have been doing lately. Give it a shot!!


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Son returns to Russia

Son Andre is wrapping up a 5 week vacation with us and returning to his emergency room duties as a surgery MD in Ryazan. It was a great time with trips, parties,  some quiet points,  and with loads of conversations, including some psychic tales. He is an amazing person and he will be sorely missed.

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The eighth deadly sin

Perhaps the monk that came up with the 7 deadly sins (pride, covetousness, lust, anger, gluttony, envy and sloth) should have included an eighth one, say power, or arrogance or ignorance or maybe being a  hypocrite. Or how about removing lust from the list, just to keep it at seven?

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Hello World! Crimson Lilia is now on WordPress

Crimson Lilia has now joined the ranks of the techno savvy!

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Call for psychic stories

Seeking your personal tales of psychic events because they are fascinating, they provide interesting comparisons by countries, subjects, etc. and they could be included in a new book.

Visit my web page to read more.

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